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Apocolypse Now (and later!)

Apocolypse Now (and later!)

The devil's own sausage.

This makes the world's hottest sausage, too hot for the butcher's and farm shops we supply, available only to the very brave.

This sausage seasoning includes the worlds hottest chille: Naga jolokia or Ghost chilli as it is sometimes known. It also contains Jalapeno, Habanero and cayenne powder.

Due to the very high cost of Naga chillies this seasoning costs considerably more than our standard lines

This seasoning makes a dangerously hot sausage, it is not suitable for children the elderly, the infrim or any one with a respiratory illness. When using this seasoning it is essential that a face mask is worn along with eye protection and gloves.

70g per kilo of meat/rusk









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