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Casings (sausage skins)

The Natural casings we sell are from Pig, Sheep or Cow.

Sheep casings

The smallest size we sell is sheep which are suitable for chipolata, and most other type of smaller bore sausage. They are slightly harder to use than pig casings due to them being a little more fiddly to put on a nozzle and also more delicate. Once you have got the hang of sheep casings they are well worth the effort.

We sell in full and half hanks. A full hank is approx 90yds in length and will give a yield of 40-45lb

Hog casings

We always recommend hog casings to start with as they are easier to work with than the more delicate sheep casings and produce a good thick sausage.

These are the most popular casings . We sell these in full, or hanks. A full hank is approx 80m and will give an approximate yield of 45kg.

Ox runners (Bovine)

These are large casings from beef cattle, they are suitable for large salamis, and as they have a natural curve they are very suitable for black pudding and any other larger bore cooked meats. They are very sturdy and have been used for centuries. A full hank is approx 18m long, giving a yield of approx 40lb

Available in full or halved.

Ox Middles (Bovine)

Also known as haggis bungs, these are used as an alternative to sheep's stomachs and make a large round product, ideally suited to haggis, mortadella.

These are just over a yard in length.


All our casings have a distinct smell! This is not a sign that they are off but part of the casing manufacture process. The smell will go away once the sausage is made and cooked.

All our natural casings are supplied in a moist salt solution. Use what you need from the package and any unused can be stored for months in the fridge. Once casings have been soaked they must be used immediately or discarded, it is not advisable to use them more than 2 hours after soaking.

Vegetarian, Vegan Edible Sausage Casing

The world's first vegetarian, vegan edible sausage casing which is also suitable for both Kosher & Halal applications.

They can be used to make a truly vegetarian sausage in a casing, that can be sold fresh or frozen.

They can be used with fruit, vegetables, meat or fish.



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