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Collagen EZ use casings

Collagen EZ use casings

These casings come in 2 diameters, 21mm suitable for chiplata and breakfast sauage and 28mm suitable for a more traditional banger. We supply them in 18, 36, 72 or 144 metre lengths.

These casings are supplied ready to use and require no pre-soaking

These casing are suitable for hand-linking provided the appropriate sausage mix and recipe are used. When hand-linking, the casing is dry, so we suggest using a vegetable oil to help with the process. Oil has the added benefits of leaving a lasting sheen on the sausage and helps with cooking.

These easy to use casings have a very long shelf life if stored in a cool dark place, refrigeration is not necessary.

Collagen casings are made from beef protein and are not suiatable for vegetarians.

Length (m) Diameter (mm) Price
18 21 £6.99
18 28 £7.99
36 21 £9.99
36 28 £10.99
72 21 £14.99
72 28 £15.99
144 21 £21.99
144 28 £22.99










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