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The Gaucho sausage seasoning

The Gaucho sausage seasoning

2011 competition winning prize sausage mix.

Each year we run a competition amongst our customers and forum members to suggest a new seasoning, this year's winner was Quiet Waters Farm in North Devon with their fantastic Gaucho sausage. This mix an authentic Argentinean sausage packed with flavour. Adding chopped bacon and a glass of good red wine makes a truly stunning sausage!

Recipe suggestion.

50 grammes Gaucho seasoning
900 grammes minced pork
100 grammes finely chopped smoked bacon
200 ml Malbec or full bodied red wine.
2 cloves of crushed garlic.

1.Simmer garlic in red wine for 10 minutes, strain then leave to cool.
2.Mix Gaucho seasoning into cooled wine.
3.Stir wine into that pork and bacon and mix well.
4.Stuff into hog (pig's casings) or make into burger patties.









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