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Vegetarian, Vegan Edible Sausage Casing

Vegetarian, Vegan Edible Sausage Casing

The world's first vegetarian, vegan edible sausage casing which is also suitable for both Kosher & Halal applications.

They can be used to make a truly vegetarian sausage in a casing, that can be sold fresh or frozen.

They can be used with fruit, vegetables, meat or fish.

Each strand is 12m in length - enough for approximately 120 sausages (10lb or 4.5kg.)

The NutraŽ casing is made entirely from plant based non-allergenic ingredients and contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's).

The skin itself gives an excellent appearance and texture to all sausages whether they are vegetarian or meat based.

To achieve the best results from this product it should not be soaked or exposed to excessive moisture before stuffing.









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